President’s Message

President’s Message

Hello ASCE Nebraska Section Members,

I am very excited for the 2022-2023 year, which will be full of in-person ASCE events and activities!  Involvement within ASCE has always been an important part of my life ever since participating in the student chapter at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln during my Freshman year.  Throughout college, I held several ASCE leadership roles including Student Section President, Steel Bridge captain, Geowall captain, and Concrete Bowling captain.  ASCE has made me the engineer I am today, where I have made several good friends and met leading experts in civil engineering.  I am very excited to be President of the ASCE Nebraska Section for the 2022-2023 year.

I would like to thank our 2021-2022 Leadership Board Members for all their hard work with transitioning our fully virtual meetings into hybrid, and now in-person meetings.  The ASCE Nebraska Section is committed to providing benefits to our members through conferences, technical meetings, construction tours, social events, mentorship, and other activities during the year.  Please keep an eye out for event invites on our website and via email.

I encourage you to take advantage of the society benefits and tools that our membership provides, including:

As always, please make sure your contact information is current on, and feel free to contact me if you find you are not receiving our emails or if you want to get involved on our Leadership Board.  We want to keep everyone in the loop and active!  Please let me know how the ASCE Nebraska Section can help you be a better civil engineer.


Garrett Martindale, P.E., M.ASCE

2022-2023 ASCE Nebraska Section President

General Information and History

In 1890, American Society of Civil Engineers records indicate that there were 6 ASCE members residing in Nebraska.  By 1910 the list had grown to 19.  The Nebraska Section was organized in 1917 by a small group of  members, who petitioned the Society requesting a charter for a state organization.  At that time there were 40 members residing in Nebraska.

Unfortunately, the official records of the proceedings of the Section prior to 1961 have been lost.  If you are aware of any of these records please contact any member of the Board. Surviving records and papers and presentations prepared in the 1960’s and 1970’s give a good early history of the Section.  (These resources are cited below.)

Issues addressed in the early years of the Section include:

Engineer’s Registration Law – There was interest very early in the history of the Section to enact a registration law for engineers.  Unsuccessful bills were proposed in the Nebraska Legislature in 1919, 1921, 1925, and 1935.  Finally, after much work drafting a bill in conjunction with the Nebraska Architects Association, and a grassroots campaign to enlist the support of nearly 1,400 persons, L.B. 14 was passed in 1937, which established registration provisions and the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects.  (The Engineers and Architects Regulation Act of 1997 replaced the 1937 provisions.)

ASCE Decentralization – an effort spearheaded by local sections in the early 1920’s to shift Society activities away from New York City and across the country.

Personnel Study – Reduction of state employees’ salaries by the 1935 Legislature led to organization of an AFL union representing engineers, architects and draftsmen, chiefly employees of the Highway Department.  During the depression years, ASCE advanced programs to dissuade sub-professional engineering staffs from organizing unions.  One of these programs furnished expert guidance in formulating a systematic and logical personnel job classification with corresponding job descriptions.  Upon a request from the Section, Allen P. Richmond of ASCE Headquarters came to Lincoln in 1941 and completed such a study.  Soon after the system was adopted, the union began to lapse and become inactive.

Adverse Legislation –   A 1953 bill was introduced that, among other details, proposed to place a business manager in charge of the Department of Roads.  The Section opposed the provision and appeared at the committee hearing on the bill, which was defeated.

United Engineering Center – An ASCE campaign to construct the United Engineering Center in New York near the United Nations Center.  Under the chairmanship of Kenneth B. Lucas, the Section met its assessment during a drive from 1959 to 1962.

The 1962 Water Resources Engineering Conference of ASCE – Preparations began in 1957 to bring a national conference to Omaha.  The success of the conference was the result of cooperation of many members of the Section, especially Gen. Chairman L. E. Miller and Section President Sidney L. Price.

Issues such as collective bargaining and continuing education were addressed in the Seventies

The Section has had four men who have served on the board of directors of ASCE:

Frank T. Darrow (1921-23) – influential in the decentralization effort.
Theodore C. Leisen (1935-37) – served on the Board Committee on Zones and Sections.
D. L. Erickson (1947-49) – vice chairman of the Committee on Qualifications.
Roy M. Green (1962-64) – served on the Committee on Education and the Committee on Student Chapters.

“Historical Relationships of ASCE and Civil Engineering in Nebraska” by Charles F. Fowler, M.ASCE, December, 1977
“First 50 Years of the Nebraska Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers” by Roy M. Green.  Given before Section Meeting of the Society on May 17, 1967
“A Little History” by Roy M. Green.  Given before the Annual Meeting of the Professional Engineers of Nebraska on May 13, 1967.

Read More Section History and General Information

Past Presidents

Term President
1917 Frank T. Darrow
1918 George L. Campen
1919 Adna Dobson
1920 Clark D. Mickey
1921 Rodman M. Brown
1922 William Grant
1923-1924 George T. Prince
1925-1926 Robert L. Cochran
1927-1929 Ray H. Findley
1930-1931 D.L. Ericksen
1932 Theodore C. Leisen
1933-1935 J.G. Mason
1936-1939 John C. Detweiler
1940-1941 Roy M. Green
1942-1943 Guy P. Dorsey
1944-1945 Edwin W. Woodbridge
1946-1948 Wardner G. Scott
1949 Burgess Manchester
1950 Rex E. Edgecomb
1951 Henry G. Schlitt
1952-1953 J.A. Ackerman
1954-1955 Douglas D. Lewis
1956 George R. Bathe
1957 Wendell E. Johnson
1958 Kenneth B. Lucas
1959 N.W. Beezley
1960 Lawrence E. Miller
1961 John W. Cramer
1962 Sidney L. Price
1963 Charles F. Fowler
1964 William C. Alsmeyer
1965 Henry J. Wulf
1966 Charles L. Hipp
1967 Robert D. Obering
1968 Anson D. Marston
1969 Max A. Burroughs
Term President
1970 Joe L. Gerlt
1971 Joseph V. Benak
1972 Bart Dennehy
1973 Virgil G. Meedel
1974 George P. Hanna
1975 Edward F. Cambridge
1976 W. Thomas Scott
1977 Roy V. Sneddon
1978 Ralph R. Marlette
1979 William M. Dowd
1980 J. Michael Jess
1981 Edward Fink
1982 Edward N. Wilson
1983 Ervell A. Staab
1984 Altaf U. Rahman
1985 Thomas O. Michels
1986 Bruce N. Harris
1987 Davis A. Meier
1988 Maher K. Tadros
1989 Richard M. Kotan
1990 William C. Arneson
1991 Philip E. Rossbach
1992 Paul F. Mullen
1993 Laurie Carrette Zook
1994 Steve R. Saye
1995 Kirby D. Woods
1996 Karen A. Bexten
1997 Scott K. Gilliland
1998 J.B. “Brad” Chambers
1999 Joseph A. Waxse
2000 Daryoush Razavian
2001 Robert J. Kalinski
2002-2003 Brad A. Levich
2003-2004 Mark R. Stark
2004-2005 Loras Klostermann
2005-2006 Steve D. Kathol
Term President
2006-2007 Thomas Marnik
2007-2008 Edward Prost
2008-2009 Marie Maly
2009-2010 John Hill
2010-2011 Aaron Buettner
2011-2012 Daren Konda
2012-2013 Shannon DeVivo
2013-2014 Mike Sklenar
2014-2015 Andres Torres
2015-2016 Joe Flaxbeard
2016-2017 John Smith
2017-2018 Matthew Hubel
2018-2019 Greg Seib
2019-2020 Elizabeth Vacek
2020-2021 Brandon Gardels
2021-2022 Brandon Vacek

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