The following Nebraska Section Members have been raised to Fellow grade:


Virgil G. Meedel
Robert J. Rohde
Meredith C. Schaff
William P. Todsen
Dan Jackman
Wayne E. Brugger
E. Terence Foster
Dale Jacobson
King K. Little
James E. Rowings
Chittaranjan Ray
Daniel G. Linzell
Tian Cheng Zhang


ASCE Fellows have made "celebrated contributions and developed creative solutions that change lives around the world."  Fewer than 4% of ASCE members are Fellows.   To learn more about minimum requirements and submitting an application, visit ASCE's website.


Distinguished Members

The following Nebraska Section Members have been granted Distinguished Member status:


None at this time.



Distinguished Membership is ASCE's highest recognition and one of the Society's oldest honors (since 1853).  To learn more about the nomination process, visit ASCE's website.