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ASCE Webinars
When you use the NEASCE promo code to buy a webinar from ASCE, we receive a portion of the revenue from your preferred rate. 
ASCE's Live Webinars provide cost-effective training for large and small groups.  ASCE's On-Demand Webinars provide real-world knowledge and convenient delivery to fit your schedule.  Use Promo Code WEBNEBSEC to secure your preferred rate for Live or On-Demand Webinars. 

ASCE's New "StateTrack" Site
StateTrack pages are "complete with the latest information on bills and regulatory items that ASCE is tracking" in Nebraska.  Also included are key facts about our legislature, a list of Key Alerts, and a news feed.  You will also find out how to become a Key Contact and see a link to read ASCE's Policy Statements.  See Nebraska's StateTrack (for other states, visit this page). 

Region 7 Newsletter - March 2017
Read it here and check out the Region 7 website.

ASCE's Report Card for Infrastructure - March 2017
Explore the recently released update to the Intrastructure Report Card


January 22, 2015 Section Meeting
Additional Information provided by speaker Tom Riley of The Flatwater Group, who presented "Republican River Compact Disagreements get their Day in Court."  Links to court arguments and augmentation projects here


LB665 Information